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BREACH Features


BOSS BREACH™ lets you model the breaching of an earthen dam. BOSS BREACH runs on IBM and compatible personal computers and supports most popular graphic displays, printers, and plotters. BOSS BREACH fully supports both imperial and metric (SI) units.

Easy to Use

BOSS BREACH uses the same intuitive user interface and underlying database engine that is employed in all of our software products. Menus, help screens, and professional documentation provide a comfortable user interface for both new and advanced PC users. Data entry is performed through easy-to-use data entry screens, enabling you to easily enter or change input data.

BOSS Breach data input is performed through easy to use data entry screens.

Automatic Error Checking

As you enter data, and just prior to the data analysis, BOSS BREACH automatically checks your data for errors via BOSS ADVISOR™, an integrated expert system. If the ADVISOR encounters an error in your input data, it will explain what is wrong and how you can correct it. BOSS ADVISOR can be thought of as an expert BREACH user looking over your shoulder, pointing out any mistakes made as you build your model.

Lots of Help

Wherever you are in BOSS BREACH, extensive context-sensitive help is available to assist you through any difficulty. And with over 200 pages of professional documentation, with illustrations and completely described and worked out example problems, you can be productive immediatelyóeven if you are a beginner.


AQUAL2 is an interactive data preprocessor program for the QUAL2E and QUAL2EU models. AQUAL2 can be used to build input data files for either of these models.

Superb Graphics

BOSS BREACH presents much of its output, such as the breach outflow hydrograph, as graphs which can be viewed on your computer display. These graphs can then be exported to nearly any CAD system, such as AutoCAD®, using the programís DXF export facility. This enables you to plot, annotate, or modify the graphs as desired. Or you can plot the graphs directly on most plotters using the programís HPGL and DMPL plotter support facility. In addition, you can export the graphs to many word processors using the programís EPS and TIFF export facility. This permits you to insert the graphs directly into a project report and then print the report along with the inserted graphs.

BOSS BREACH will model the breaching of an earthen dam from either an overtopping or piping failure.


BOSS BREACH, based on NWSís BREACH program, mathematically models the breaching of an earthen dam from either an overtopping or piping failure. The program predicts the dam-breach characteristics, such as size, shape, time of formation, and graphs the breach outflow hydrograph. These results can then be used as the dam-breach input data for BOSS DAMBRK™.

The user can define an inner core, outer core, spillway, dam face, and other data specific for describing the earthen dam.

The dam being analyzed can be either man-made or have been formed naturally by a landslide, and the dam core material can differ from that of the damís outer material. The program will allow several other modeling complexities. Some examples are: initiation of the breach via a piping failure with subsequent progression to a free surface breach flow; forming of a downstream dam face erosion ditch, prior to the actual breach, due to overtopping water; and the sudden enlargement of the breach brought about by a structural failure due to hydrostatic pressure exceeding the resisting shear and cohesive forces of the bank material.