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CurveFIT Overview

CurveFIT™ is the most powerful and easy-to-use CAD drawing file compressor available for AutoCAD and MicroStation. When applying CurveFIT to contour line drawings, users frequently experience at least a 5:1 reduction in drawing file size, and a 10:1 reduction is not CurveFIT Modeling uncommon. No other product offers this capability. CurveFIT is unmatched in its ability to maintain high quality CAD drawing linework with the absolute minimum number of polyline vertices.

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Utility for BOSS RMS and BOSS RiverCAD

CurveFIT is a must have utility for BOSS RMS and BOSS RiverCAD users who work with large drawing files or wish to optimize CAD processing times. CurveFIT processed CAD drawing files dramatically reduce or eliminate CAD program screen regeneration (i.e., regen) times. In certain cases, CurveFIT can be the difference between the timely completion of a project verses expensive time overruns and dissatisfied clients.

Drawing Type

Original Drawing Size (in bytes)

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CurveFIT (0.5 ft precision)

Digitized Site Plan




Scanned Site Plan




Softdesk Contours




QuickSURF Contours




ArcInfo Parcel Base




ArcInfo Lake Boundary




Powerful Polyline Optimization

A host of polyline generalization methods have been developed over the years, each seeking to determine which vertices are unnecessary. All forms of generalization reduce polyline data size, but they also typically degrade accuracy and smoothness. CurveFIT is the only AutoCAD and MicroStation drawing file compression program available with a fully automated tangency search engine to find the best combination of arc and line segments to optimize polylines, while maintaining a compromise between data compression, line smoothness, and accuracy.

For example, in GIS and mapping applications, linework is represented as point-to-point straight lines, even though the actual features are naturally smooth. Therefore, lots of small, short, straight line segments are required to define the polylines that represent these natural features. CurveFIT removes these redundant vertices by replacing the existing polylines with polylines constructed of both arcs and longer straight line segments dramatically reducing the number of polyline vertices used to define the polyline while simultaneously improving polyline smoothness.

In this example, ArcInfo required 542 vertices to represent a smooth and accurate representation of the parcel basemap linework. Using CurveFIT, the vertex count was reduced to 34 while maintaining a 1-foot precision.

Variety of Uses

CurveFIT’s tangency search engine delivers nearly perfect linework for a wide variety of applications. This line fitting algorithm can dramatically improve the quality of linework with random errors, such as GPS derived polylines, hand digitized linework, and linework derived from raster data. Instead of just eliminating points, arc segments (defined by only 2 points and a bulge factor) are found to replace large numbers of vertices that defined the original data.

Operate in a Batch Mode

CurveFIT is a DXF file processor for CAD drawings—you do not need AutoCAD or MicroStation to operate it. Therefore, CurveFIT can be operated in a batch mode allowing you to process an entire set of CAD drawing files at one time.