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Grapher Features


Grapher is an easy-to-use and powerful graphing package. Create and organize your graphs using the Graph Wizard and the Object Manager. Grapher will help you present your data clearly and precisely. Graph types available in Grapher include Step Plots, Bubble Plots, Floating Bar Charts, Rose Diagrams, Ternary Diagrams, and Box-Whisker Plots.

Save Time and Effort

Use Grapher's Graph Wizard to create the graph that you want. Select the plot type, data file, and columns you wish to plot, and the graph is done.

If you use the same type of graph on a regular basis, you can use a template to store graph preferences. The next time you need to create the graph, open the template, specify the data file, and the job is done. Create Ternary Diagrams and specify axis and graph properties.

If you want to create repetitive graphs without manually opening a graph file each time, you can automate the process. Use Grapher's powerful scripting language to create your graphs. Grapher can also be called from Visual Basic, Visual C++, Perl, or any other OLE automation compliant language. Virtually any operation that you can perform interactively can be controlled. In addition, Grapher includes GS Scripter, a Visual Basic compatible programming environment that lets you write, edit, debug, and run scripts. In this way, you can automate repetitive tasks, create front ends for running Grapher, or carry out any task that Grapher can do.

Customize Your Plot

In Grapher, customizing a standard plot is fast and easy. Create a plot with the default settings, or change the defaults to the color, spacing, size, or style that you want. Everything about your graph can be changed in Grapher. Edit the axes to make them linear, logarithmic, or probability scales. Edit the columns and rows used to make a graph. Edit the line style, text style, or fill style with ease. Set clipping limits for your graph to eliminate unwanted data, and add titles to your graph.

The Bubble Plot allows you to present your data in terms of bubble size.

Compatible with Microsoft Excel

Combine the sophisticated graphing capabilities in Grapher with the spreadsheet power of Microsoft Excel. Grapher creates graphs directly from a Microsoft Excel file. Make changes to your Excel file and immediately see how the changes affect your plot. Create unique and powerful reports by inserting your Grapher plots directly into your Excel worksheet.

Calculate Data Relationships and Determine Best Fit Equations

Raw data has a scattered appearance making trends difficult to see. Overcome this obstacle by using one of Grapher's built-in best-fit functions. With ten standard equations to choose from, you will discover the trends in your data. If the equation you need is not present, create it with Grapher's ability to define your own fit equation. Grapher has statistics and variable parameters for fits, including fit equations that you have defined.

Rose Diagrams in combination with Histograms are excellent for showing the distribution of your data.

Use a combination of graph types to generate informative graphs. The example shows a Line/Symbol Plot over a Bar Chart.