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HMR52 Features

BOSS HMR52™ is used to compute a basin's probable maximum precipitation. BOSS HMR52 runs on IBM® and compatible personal computers and supports most popular graphic displays, printers, and plotters.

Easy to Learn and Use

BOSS HMR52 is easy to learn and use. Data entry is performed through data entry screens, enabling you to easily enter or change input data. There is no longer any need to fill out cumbersome and error-prone card files. Menus, help screens, and professional documentation provide a comfortable user interface for both new and advanced PC users.

BOSS HMR52 data input is performed through easy to use data entry screens.

Powerful Graphics

Besides graphing the primary basin and any sub-basin boundaries, BOSS HMR52 will graph the storm isohyetal pattern, rainfall hyetograph, and the accumulated rainfall for the primary basin and each sub-basin. These graphs can then be exported to nearly any CAD system, such as AutoCAD, using the program's DXF and IGES export facility. This enables you to plot, annotate, or modify the graphs as desired. Or you can plot the graphs directly on most plotters using the program's HPGL and DMPL plotter support facility. In addition, you can export the graphs to many word processors using the program's EPS and TIFF export facility. This permits you to insert the graphs directly into a project report and then print the report along with the inserted graphs on a dot-matrix or laser printer.

BOSS HMR52 will generate a rainfall hyetograph, showing the temporal rainfall distribution of the probable maximum storm.

Built-in Error Checker

As you enter data, and just prior to the data analysis, BOSS HMR52 automatically checks your data for errors via BOSS ADVISOR™, an integrated expert system. If the ADVISOR encounters an error in your input data, it will explain what is wrong and how you can correct it. BOSS ADVISOR can be thought of as an expert HMR52 user looking over your shoulder, pointing out any mistakes made as you build your model.

The BOSS HMR52 Model

BOSS HMR52, based on HEC's HMR52 program, helps engineers compute basin-averaged precipitation for Probable Maximum Storms (PMS), and corresponding spatially-averaged Probable Maximum Precipitation (PMP) for a basin or combination of watershed sub-basins. The program employs the procedures specified in the NWS's Hydro-meteorological Report No. 52, which pertains to the Central and Eastern United States.

BOSS HMR52 will compute the total rainfall for the probable maximum storm.

The program maximizes the precipitation from a storm by breaking the storm area into a set of concentric, elliptically-shaped isohyets, each representing different percentages of the storm's total rainfall. The program will automatically size, position, and orient the storm so that it will produce the maximum precipitation on the user-defined drainage basin. Since the PMP may not produce the Probable Maximum Flood (PMF), the storm-area size, position, and orientation can be adjusted by the user to maximize the PMF. The PMP data computed by BOSS HMR52 can be directly exported to HEC-1 to compute and plot the PMF hydrographs.

BOSS HMR52 will maximize the precipitation from a storm for a particular watershed basin.