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Online games

Game Requirements

These games require a Web browser capable of running Java applets. Such browsers include Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 or higher, and Netscape Navigator version 3 or higher. These games will not run on the WebTV browser device, nor on certain versions of the America Online built-in browser.

Also, under Windows 95 certain releases of Netscape Navigator version 4 will randomly lock up the first time you try to run a Java applet--such as these games. Don't worry, though; Navigator will run the Java program just fine on the second try. Just terminate the locked-up Java program (by pressing CTRL + ALT + DELETE), and then launch Netscape again. When you try running the Java program this time around it should work.

These Java games run best on computers with a Pentium 100 MHz processor or faster. Also, your web browser has a major impact on the speed of these games. Of the browsers we have tested, we found that Microsoft Internet Explorer gives the fastest performance with these Java programs. Of course, these games will run faster if you shut down all other CPU-intensive tasks that may be running.

If you have tried all of this and games still will not run, check to make certain both Java & JavaScript are enabled in your browser

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