BOSS International

RMAPLT Features


The program is designed to run in conjunction with a mouse and a graphics display screen. Its purpose is the creation of velocity vector displays, contours, and time histories from the RMA series of finite element programs. RMAPLOT supports RMAGEN, RMA2, RMA4, RMA6, RMA9, RMA10, RMA11, SED2, and SED8.


Velocity vectors from RMA2, RMA6 and RMA10 simulations may be displayed in two formats within this program. They are:

  • Velocity Vectors at the nodes.
  • Velocity vectors interpolated using finite element basis functions onto a rectangular grid.

Contours may be displayed for any of the results from the models plus bathymetry developed in RMAGEN. These contours may be plotted either alone or with velocity vectors superimposed on top. When this option is used velocities saved on the RMA11 results file may be displayed. Note that this display requires version 2.0 or higher of RMA11.

Time histories and cross section values may be displayed for any of the results from the models. Time histories may be selected for selected nodes or continuity lines. When continuity lines time histories are selected average and total properties across the section are shown.

Areal continuity checks may be displayed for results from RMA2.

Velocity vectors may be plotted from a pre-processed file containing both measured and computed values.

Area and volume mass time history plots may be generated from 2-D applications of RMA11. Areal based plots are derived from masses on the bed, volume based plots are derived from water column concentrations.