BOSS International

StormSHED Features

BOSS StormSHED™ for Windows is an advanced, comprehensive hydrology modeling software which is used to compute storm runoff hydrographs for an unlimited number of drainage areas, and then route the resulting flows through a network of ditches, channels, gutters, pipes, culverts, flow structures, storage detention ponds, and reservoirs for both rural and municipal storm sewer analysis and design. BOSS StormSHED can be used to estimate detention pond volumes and size the ditches, channels, and pipes feeding the detention structures. BOSS StormSHED provides complete support for the Windows clipboard, allowing the user to copy the computed hydrograph plots and output reports directly into a word processor. Both imperial and metric (SI) units are supported.

Easy Model Development

Stormwater drainage models can be quickly developed interactively using a mouse by simply pointing and clicking. Graphical symbols are used to represent drainage elements such as basins, pipes, channels, manholes, detention ponds, pumps, outfall structures, and outlets. The user can develop a schematic representation of the drainage model, showing the different components of the model. Reaches are color and line coded to assist the user in visually identifying the type of reach. All drainage node symbols and their connecting reaches can be easily repositioned by simply clicking and dragging. Double clicking on any node or reach symbol displays a dialog box describing that stormwater component, allowing the user to define the data for that component.

The StormSHED Model

BOSS StormSHED will compute storm hydrographs for an unlimited number of watershed drainage basins (each with its own set of design parameters), using either SCS (Soil Conservation Service) TR-20 curvilinear or triangular hydrograph or SBUH (Santa Barbara Urban Hydrograph) runoff methods. The SCS peak rate factor can be adjusted for each drainage basin to properly calibrate the model. If required, the software will automatically compute the time of concentration for a basin. In addition, you can define, save, and reuse your own characteristic hydrographs; specify rainfall distributions, time increments, and storm durations; export and import hydrographs to and from ASCII files; add, subtract, and time shift hydrographs; and graphically display, superimpose, plot, and export hydrographs.

Complete interconnected routing can be performed for an unlimited number of channels and ditches; gutters; circular arch, elliptical, and box culverts; pipes and pipe networks; drop structures; discharge structures; detention ponds; and reservoirs. User definable routing methods including Muskingum, Mannings, Modified Attenuated Kinematic Wave, and level pool storage. Both free-surface and submerged flow conditions can be modeled. Flow diversion of all or part of a routed hydrograph can be simulated.

Discharge structures can range from vee, rectangular, and broad-crested weirs; to single and multiple orifice outlets; to inlet and outlet controlled culverts. These standard structures can be combined to create a multi-stage outlet structure and BOSS StormSHED will automatically compute a composite stage-discharge rating curve. Or, if desired, a stage-discharge rating curve can be specified.

Storage structures can range from trapezoidal basins to underground pipes to rectangular vaults. Underground storage pipes can be circular, elliptical, or arch shaped. Storage structures can be combined and the software will then compute the resulting stage-storage rating curve. Or, for more specialized storage structures, a stage-storage rating curve can be specified. StormSHED can also model infiltration at storage structures for use in infiltration studies.

Once the routing has been performed and the peak flow rates determined, BOSS StormSHED will automatically compute the hydraulic grade line elevations for all pipes in the system for partial, full, and surcharged flow conditions. Junction losses due to manholes, inlets, and other pipe flow structures can be accounted for. The software will automatically identify undersized pipes. In addition, pipe descriptions can be customized.

All equations, assumptions, and computational results are written out as a hydrology report, documenting for the reviewing agency the standard methodology used. BOSS StormSHED's hydrology report output is meant to serve as the supporting documentation for your submitted analysis and design report. BOSS StormSHED allows you to graphically display the computed hydrographs, and also superimpose multiple hydrographs for easy comparison.

Advanced Design Capabilities

BOSS StormSHED can automatically design pipes for a particular routing peak flow based upon minimum cover at structures, minimum and maximum invert slopes, and maximum flow velocity criteria. Any or all pipe inverts and diameters can be pre-specified, if desired. In addition, detention basins and orifice outlet structures can be automatically sized and designed for the computed and routed hydrographs.