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WMS Overview

This section describes some of the new features and enhancements that have been developed for WMS 6.1.

» Overview

Graphical Layout

The new graphical layout of WMS 6.1 will make completing your work a whole lot easier. The interface now contains a tool bar, edit window, and help menu.

Display Options

All display options have been combined into a single, easy-to-use dialog. You can now set display options without having to change modules.


The hydrologic modeling and terrain modeling windows have now been combined into a single window.

Lag Time Computations

The computation of Time of Concentration and Lag Time from sub-basin parameters has been totally redesigned and improved.

Edit Sub-Basin Parameters

The ability to edit computed sub-basin parameters has been added.

Detention Pond Calculator

The Detention Pond Calculator has been totally redesigned and improved.

WMS-Hydro ArcView Extension

WMS has an extension to ArcView that aids in the transfer of data to and from WMS.

HEC-HMS Input Files

WMS will export files to be used in HEC-HMS. The input to these files is extracted from the HEC-1 input used in WMS..

GIS Based Computations

Curve numbers, runoff coefficients, Green-Ampt parameters, and travel times can be computed automatically by WMS given relevant GIS data.

Floodplain Delineation

Flood inundation maps can be generated given flood stages on a TIN.

GeoTIFF Images

Digital quad sheets can be read directly into WMS, with accompanying coordinate information.