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BOSS DAMBRK™ is the most advanced, easy-to-use one-dimensional hydrodynamic flood routing software available. The software accounts for dam and bridge failures, storage effects, floodplain overbank flow, and flood wave attenuation.

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DAMBRK Testimonials

BOSS DAMBRK is the most advanced, easy-to-use one-dimensional hydrodynamic flood routing software available. Find out what our clients are saying about DAMBRK.

DAMBRK is easy to learn...

DAMBRK is easy to learn and apply on dam break applications.

Lakshmi N. Bachu M.Sc., M.Tech.
Water Resources E.I.T.
MDH Engineered Solutions Corp.
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

...the software is quite user friendly for simple to moderate hydraulic modeling applications.

Over the past year, Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc. has had the opportunity to utilize the BOSS DAMBRK program for hydraulic modeling of two dam rehabilitation projects. Although DAMBRK is an older program, the software is quite user friendly for simple to moderate hydraulic modeling applications. The software permitted us to model the dams, downstream bridges and constrictions, and to produce data packets and inundation mapping readily accepted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Dam Safety Section. When modeling complications ensued, Jacob Maeder of the BOSS technical support staff was very helpful in assisting us with the simplification and optimization of our models and subsequent completion of the projects. I would recommend the software to those with dam safety hydraulic modeling needs.

Jonathan R. Tardiff, EIT
Senior Designer
Suburban Consulting Engineers, Inc.
Mount Arlington, NJ

...the analysis is quite friendly.

As a user of BOSS DAMBRK I would like to report the following:

  • Model interface with the user for managing data entry and making the analysis is quite friendly.
  • The way output results are exported give also the opportunity to the user to create output reports the way he likes.

Katerina Triantafyllou
Senior Technical Engineer
ECOS Consulting S.A.
Athens, Greece

...I can trust this program...

Even though I've only been using the program for a couple of hours I'm already enjoying it. What a relief compared to FLDWAV and FLDAT! The documentation is so much easier to understand and it already feels like I can trust this program to do what I'm expecting it to do. It seemed like the other program I was trying to use for my current project was misreading my input data files and doing all sorts of odd things. I don't anticipate any of those sorts of problems with BOSS DAMBRK!

Thanks again for the help!

Dru Dron, P. Eng.
Project Engineer - Water Resources
TSH Associates
Kitchener, ON, Canada

BOSS International has made... a valuable tool

The most critical aspect of Colorado's Dam Safety Program is assigning hazard classification to over 2,500 jurisdictional dams throughout the state. The hazard classification of a dam categorizes a structure with respect to potential for loss of life and property damage in the event of an unexpected catastrophic failure. The hazard classification, once determined, influences all other decisions related to design, construction, repair and construction of the dam. In addition, growth accompanied by development of historically rural areas has necessitated revisiting previous classifications and alerting County Emergency Managers to the effects.

In search of a realistic, state-of-the-art simulation for evaluating dam break floods, dynamic wave modeling is a clear choice, accounting for complexities of flood wave propagation other methods ignore. BOSS DAMBRK tenders the complexities of dynamic flood wave modeling with its user friendly approach. The structured menu system painlessly guides the user through data entry options with easy access to on-line Help. The error checking feature alerts of potential model flaws or incompatibilities. On-screen viewing and selective printing of output provide an environmentally friendly stratagem in lieu of reams of printed paper for assorted "what if" scenarios.

I have used the BOSS DAMBRK software for the past five years with confidence. Results of the model are convincing with the enhanced graphical output. I believe BOSS International has made an unwieldy model into a valuable tool. Jacob of your staff has assisted me on numerous occasions with a wide variety of technical problems. Jacob has always willingly assisted no matter what the problem was, a sign of sincere dedication to customer support. Thank you Jacob and BOSS International.

James G. Norfleet, P.E.
Dam Safety Engineer
Colorado Division of Water Resources
Montrose, CO has made life much simpler...

As we discussed yesterday morning, I am returning the discs which my 18 month old son has damaged. I should have been more careful. I was reading the manual in bed and placed it on the night stand when I had finished. The next morning I turned over to the sight of my son smiling proudly with two diskettes in his hand. The installation disk has scratch marks on it and the disk “one” has scratches and a couple of puckers. I appreciate your offer to replace the damaged disks.

Also, would you please send me copies of your literature on your other products. I am especially interested in a BOSS version of HEC-2 as I am constantly using that program for tailwater rating curves and head loss curves for power canals. I am very pleased with your program BOSS DAMBRK as it has made life much simpler when trying to input data and in debugging Dr. Fread's model. I know that there are various competitors out there who offer HEC-2, HEC-1 and TR20, but none of these people offer the simplicity of operations which your marvelous engines do.

William K. Fay, P.E.
Water Resources Engineer
Fay Engineering Services
Boylston, MA

We have achieved greater user efficiency...

We are pleased to enclose our check as payment for BOSS DAMBRK. We were impressed with the enhancements that you have added to the model and we have achieved greater user efficiency compared to the NWS version.

In the end, it was your prompt technical service that convinced us to buy the model. We were particularly impressed with the promptness with which you responded to our requests for changes to the output control features of the model.

L. J. D. Alexander, P. Eng.
Project Manager
Marshall Mackin Monaghan Limited
Thornhill, Ontario