BOSS International
Drinking Water, Wastewater, and Urban Hydrology

Water Distribution and Storage Systems

Services include distribution system analysis and modeling, infrastructure design, high service pumping, lead and copper studies, leak detection, water audits, pipeline design, and reservoir design and operation.

Drinking Water Treatment

Services include studies on adsorption processes, advanced oxidation, aeration, coagulation/sedimentation, disinfection, distillation, filtration systems, instrumentation and control system upgrades, ion exchange, lime softening, membrane processes, operations and maintenance, ozonation, pilot studies, residuals treatment, and disposal treatment facility design.

Fire Flow Assessment

Services include design of water distribution system with hydrants to deliver adequate amount of water to fight a fire, or to determine required water delivery through one or more hydrants in an existing water distribution system to fight a fire.

Geographical Information Systems

Services include spatial data collection, storage, and analysis using Geographical Information System (GIS) for planning water distribution systems, infrastructure management, sewer system rehabilitation, sludge management and disposal, and wastewater collection and treatment.

Operational Cost Management

Services include economic planning and scheduling to minimize energy consumption in operation and maintenance of water distribution infrastructure and network.

Real-Time Control of Water Distribution Systems

Services include design of a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for automated water distribution control, monitoring, and radio telemetry linking the remote gates and pump sites to the central control office.

Real-Time Control of Sewer Systems

Services include efficient use of transport and storage capacities, assessment of the real-time control potential through long term simulation, definition of control priorities, determination of control rules, verification of control rules, and cost-benefit analysis or feasibility of construction works.

Sewer System Rehabilitation

Services include data acquisition, interpretation, and utilization for intelligent renewal of underground infrastructure, sewer system evaluation, preparation of maintenance schedules, health and safety issue investigation, cost analysis, and rehabilitation.

Sludge Management and Disposal

Services include preparation of sludge management master plans, sludge thickening, dewatering, thermal drying, stabilization, mineralization, hygienization, composting, anaerobic digestion, biogas utilization, sanitary landfill, incineration, land application, environmental risk assessment, and management of toxic organics, heavy metals, and agricultural slurries.

Stormwater Management

Services include storm runoff hydrographs computation, storm sewer analysis and design, detention pond design, and flow routing through a network of ditches, channels, gutters, pipes, culverts, flow structures, detention ponds, and reservoirs.

Wastewater Collection and Treatment

Services include wastewater collection, treatment, analysis and discharge, sludge disposal, planning wastewater treatment facilities, biosolids management and disposal, chemical storage, and hazardous materials management.