BOSS International
Environmental Engineering

Environmental Compliance Audits

Services include verification that environmental and natural resource program management practices are in place and are functional and adequate, identification of actual and potential areas of noncompliance, recommendation of cost-effective corrective actions, and preparation of status report on the compliance strategies.

Environmental Regulatory Strategy

Services include determination of corrective actions for a complex site so that a single overall programmatic approach to regulatory compliance is developed.

Environmental Site Assessments

Services include site cleanup evaluation for contamination with asbestos, lead paint, fuel, and chemicals, environmental risk reduction, and evaluation of potential sources of contamination.

Geographical Information Systems

Services include spatial data collection, storage, and analysis using Geographical Information System (GIS) for environmental site assessments, soil and groundwater remediation services, and environmental compliance audits.

Remediation Services

Services include remediation of contaminated groundwater, surface water, soil, and sediments, and cost-effective and timely cleanup solution to meet regulatory goals.

Underground Storage Tanks

Services include site investigation for contamination prior to tank removal, and specifications for new tank installations.