BOSS International
Groundwater and Contaminant Transport

Development of Primary Aquifers

Services include turnkey groundwater supply projects, design and development of abstraction schemes in alluvial aquifers, well field design, equipment specifications and construction / installation supervision.

Geographical Information Systems

Services include spatial data collection, storage, and analysis using Geographical Information System (GIS) for groundwater resource development, groundwater contamination and remediation, aquifer development, mining, and waste disposal.


Services include surface geophysics (magnetic, resistivity, seismic, gravity), downhole geophysics (full range), geophysical data interpretation (geotechnical and groundwater), scientific siting of boreholes, and delineation of pollution plumes.

Groundwater Contamination and Remediation

Services include groundwater and soil assessment for contamination by organic compounds, remediation, identifying whether groundwater or soil contamination is likely to exist, exploratory and detailed field investigations, and risk assessment.

Groundwater Pollution

Services include groundwater pollution studies (mines/industry/waste), aquifer hydrochemistry, monitoring and sampling, hydrocarbon investigations, confidential contamination evaluations, and due diligence investigations.

Groundwater Resource Development

Services include groundwater exploration and development, aquifer evaluation, groundwater resource management, borehole siting, supervision of drilling and installation of equipment, aquifer test data analysis, remote sensing utilization, satellite imagery and photogeological studies, conjunctive use modeling, and basin studies.

Groundwater Waste Disposal

Services include hydrogeological site suitability investigations for waste disposal facilities, hydrogeological investigations for licensing of waste disposal facilities, geophysical tracking of contaminant plumes, soils and engineering geological investigations, remediation, and aquifer clean up.

Legal Support

Services include litigation arising from disputes with regard to groundwater including water quality, contamination, water use and water rights, along with expert witness during legal proceedings.

Mathematical Modeling

Services include finite difference and finite element hydrogeological modeling of 2D and 3D groundwater flow, multi-species contaminant transport, and bioremediation.


Services include dewatering, subsurface seepage and contaminant migration studies, contamination investigations, aquifer rehabilitation, acid/base accounting investigations, environmental and due diligence investigations, closures and environmental assessments, and preparation of soil, land use, surface and groundwater reports.

Soil Investigations

Services include investigations for soil classification, forestry and species selection, agricultural development (wet and dry land capability), mining, stripping and rehabilitation, and land use potential studies.