BOSS International
Surfacewater and Water Resources

Beach Nourishment

Services include traditional beach fills by pipeline dredge using offshore and lagoon deposits, beach fills by truck using inland deposits, beach fills by scrapers using accreted shoals around inlets, nontraditional beach fills by inlet relocation, and channel realignment.

Coastal and Shoreline Processes

Services include wind and wave climatology, tide and water level analyses, current and circulation studies, sediment transport, morphodynamic analyses of erosion and sedimentation, river hydraulics and sedimentation, numerical modeling, physical modeling - simulation and interpretation, field studies, sediment sampling and analyses.

Environment Protection

Services include pollutant dispersion investigations, contaminated sediments modeling, management of water resources, management of shorelines and coastal regions, habitat development, water circulation and water quality assessment, field data collection, site surveys, and shoreline erosion modeling.

Field Services

Services include collecting data vital for assessing project feasibility, monitoring performance, supporting engineering analyses, and defining project geometry.

Floodplain Management

Services include flood risk reduction, floodplain delineation, plan preparation for participation in National Flood Insurance Program, flood hazard mitigation, and flood preparedness, warning and recovery.

Geographical Information Systems

Services include capture, management, manipulation, analysis, modeling and display of geographically referenced data, integration of Geographic Information System (GIS) with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for wetland protection, watershed management, river and floodplain management, terrain analysis, and hazardous materials disposal.

Harbor Design

Services include project feasibility, hydrographic surveys, material availability determination, preliminary design, numerical modeling, physical modeling, final design preparation, construction documents preparation, construction administration, post construction monitoring, water quality evaluation, and ship motion studies.

Hydrographic Surveys

Services include pre- and post-dredge bathymetric surveys, hydrographic surveys, monitoring surveys, topographic surveys, volumetric surveys, control and benchmark surveys, field data collection, and bathymetric charting and mapping.

Marina Planning

Services include site analysis and selection, determination of design parameters (wind, waves, currents, water levels, water quality, ice), development and evaluation of conceptual alternatives, breakwater design, dredging plans, dockage layout design, land based facilities design, launch facility design, fixed and floating dockage design, numerical and physical modeling, and cost estimates or income projections.

Sediment and Erosion Control

Services include sediment data collection, erosion and sedimentation control, streambank erosion control, and river geomorphology studies.

Sustainable River Development

Services include regulation and canalization of rivers, river morphology studies, sediment transport management, design of hydraulic structures, inland waterway transport, closures and protections.

Tidal Inlets and Estuaries

Services include coastal zone management and site-specific field surveys and numerical models to predict the movement and fate of water, sediments, and nutrients.

Waterfront Planning

Services include planning and designing waterfront projects, and design of shore protection, beaches, parks, lakeside trails and marinas.

Watershed Management

Services include floodplain delineation, flood flow risk assessment, wetland delineation, Corp of Engineers 404 permitting facilitation, watershed and stream health assessments, land management effects analysis, stream and river restoration design and implementation, and watershed improvement project design and implementation.

Wetland Restoration and Mitigation

Services include wetland delineation, wetland permitting, wetland mitigation design, construction oversight and monitoring, and restoration and management of stream and wetland habitat resources.